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  1. I purchased a brake light buddy in January of 2021. My wife no longer needs to help me check the lights on my utility and boat trailers. 5 Stars for me.

  2. I love the break buddy! I don’t know what my employees or myself would do without it! It just makes it so much easier when you’re alone and speeds up the process of making sure the brake lights are working. I would definitely recommend this product!

  3. Use mine all the time! You don’t realize what a pain it is to check you lights until you use one of these! Excellent product .

  4. I don’t usually give product feedback, but just wanted to say that this thing is great! Simple device but works fantastic and my techs love it. They use it on every car that comes through the shop.

  5. This tool really helps with my pre and post trip reports. It helps me check my brake light switch and lights by myself. It is hard to get help when you are checking your Rig.

  6. Use mine in my alignment shop all day long. Saves my tech time and saves me money.
    Simple design. No moving parts to break.
    Worth every penny.
    Rodney McKinney
    Mac’s Tire Pros

  7. I love this tool, when I’m towing my boat trailer I can check the brake light connection by myself.

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